End of the Year Math Review Activity

End of the Year Math Review Activity

End of the year review can be a daunting task. It’s hot. Your students are exhausted. You are exhausted. Everyone is sick of worksheets and review packets. Summer is so close you can taste it.

For many students, finals review can be frustrating because there is so much to study, and many times, they end up spending time on topics that they have already mastered. It can also mean endless “review packets” for all of their classes.

This year, I created a FUN end of the year review activity that takes the two best things ever, ICE CREAM and MATH and combines them so that students are engaging in the practice that they need.

I have two review sets- one for upper elementary school and one for middle school. Each set comes with review questions for over 35 topics. Students choose their cone then choose their scoops (each with a different problem). Each question that they complete correctly gets added to their cone. Students can choose the problems that they need to practice.

When they are done, they have a big ice cream cone to bring home, or even better, something for you to display for open house night!

Fun variations using this activity: Use it throughout the year and have students complete all the questions on the same topic, make it a competition between teams to make the biggest ice cream sundae, have students complete one scoop a day for the weeks leading up to a test as a warm-up!

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