I hope you can indulge this narrative for a moment to learn about why I do what I do. 

I always wanted to be a teacher. That might sound cheesy, but my mom was a teacher and she is my greatest hero. Ever since I can remember, I aspired to use my creativity and passion to be the best teacher I could be, just like her. I never wavered from that goal.

My first teaching job out of college was a small parochial school where I was the only teacher for sixth, seventh and eighth grade math and science.  I had limited resources and limited experience to rely on preparing to teach six different classes with six different lessons each day.  I absolutely love teaching but these trial by fire years showed me what the demands would and could be.


Those early years taught me so much about being a teacher.  I learned so much about my students’ needs, my own needs as an educator and my personal needs outside the classroom.  I needed the freedom to create and innovate in the classroom, but so much of my time was consumed by mundane tasks of repackaging and reformatting dated curricula that could not meet my students educational goals.  I had so many ideas I wanted to implement but couldn’t find the time to create them.  I had to first tackle the basics before I could move on to the rest.

Now, after 14 years in the classroom and many life changes in between, including a new teaching job, getting married and adopting two amazing children, I’ve worked to try and minimize the issues I encountered when I first started my career so that you have the freedom to move.

To The Square Inch is my solution and I hope you’ll find what you’re looking for here. I’ve worked to create a robust set of resources to help teachers get the basics out of the way.  I created a thorough, organized and modern set of curricula so that more of your time can be spent doing the things you want to do in the classroom as well as outside of it.  I know these resources will be the foundation of your classroom and that you can rely on them to be robust and comprehensive. 

For those times when other things come up, I hope you’ll know that you’ll be able to find innovative and creative resources beyond just the guided notes and curricula.  From worksheets, homework, centers and activities, everything I create is designed with you and your students in mind.

To The Square Inch is from a Walt Whitman quote - “You are so much sunshine to the square inch.” It is so much a personal and professional motivation for me that every detail be an expression of joy and thoughtfulness. I want you to have the tools and freedom to be the best teacher you can be and these resources are designed to let your sun shine as a teacher and person to the square inch. 

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