Ready-to-Use Emergency Substitute Lesson Plans

Your safety net for those unexpected days off

Because even the most dedicated educators need a plan b....

We understand that sometimes life throws a curveball that even the best lesson planner couldn't foresee. Whether it's a personal emergency, a sudden illness, or an unexpected obligation, you need a reliable backup that ensures your students' learning doesn’t miss a beat.

We offer comprehensive, ready-to-implement emergency substitute lesson plans tailored for 5th to 8th-grade math teachers. Crafted by experienced educators, our materials are more than just fillers; they're engaging, standards-aligned lessons designed to maintain the momentum of your classroom, even when you can't be there.

Designed for Independent Practice

  • Reteaching Made Simple: Each plan begins with a clear, concise reteaching section that anyone can deliver with confidence—no math degree required. This means substitutes can effectively guide students through the lesson, ensuring that every student has the opportunity to grasp the concepts.

  • Reinforce with Practice: Dive into 6 practice problems accompanying each lesson to reinforce understanding and provide immediate feedback. Every problem is a stepping stone to deeper comprehension, paving the way for all students to achieve success.

  • Engagement Beyond the Worksheet: Say goodbye to idle time and hello to interactive learning with our fun practice activities. These are designed to keep your students engaged, making every minute of class time count. Your return will be to a classroom that's been active and productive, not passive and unguided.

  • Instant Feedback with Answer Keys: No delays, no waiting. Our included answer keys give substitutes the tools to provide instant feedback, keeping students motivated and informed on their progress.
  • "My students loved using this resource for their math work while I was away. They were engaged in the activity and had no trouble getting it started. Perfect to use as a review prior to our unit test as well. There was hardly any prep time and it was easy for me to get started in a time crunch. "

    ~Madeline H.

  • "Perfect resource! I never know if I will have a sub or another teacher covering if I have to take a day off from work. All I did was print these and put them in my class binder so anyone can easily access and follow them!"

    ~Heather S.

  • "I was so relieved when I found this resource. It is a complete lifesaver. I love that I have something meaningful to leave for students to work on if I have an unplanned emergency absence."

    ~Elizabeth N.

Give your students the clarity and confidence they deserve. Equip yourself with resources that truly make a difference.

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