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6th Grade Math Sub Plans

6th Grade Math Sub Plans

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​​Have you found yourself in need of last minute math emergency substitute plans before? Whether you’re planning ahead or in a pinch, these no preparation substitute math plans for 6th grade are a must have.  This resource includes 5 different sets of plans so you will have plenty of back ups at hand. 

Each section includes a comprehensive reteaching portion that a non-math teacher can follow along with as well as 6 practice problems to reinforce comprehension.  This portion will ensure that all students can complete the task.  Also included is a fun and engaging practice activity that will keep your students from the idle time that can plague substitute teachers and give you headaches when you return.  Answer keys are included for each page so that your students will not have to wait to see if they got the correct response.   

Included in this product:

  • Area of Polygons Reteach and Practice (Parallelograms, triangles and trapezoids) 
  • Area of Polygons Color by Code
  • Unit Rate Reteach and Practice 
  • Unit Rate Color and Solve
  • Dividing Fractions Reteach and Practice
  • Dividing Fractions Grid Practice 
  • Solving One Step Equations Reteach and Practice 
  • Solving One Step Equations Mystery Words 
  • Evaluating Algebraic Expressions Reteach and Practice 
  • Evaluating Algebraic Expressions Math Joke 

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