Full Year Curriculum

Our comprehensive, full-year guided notes curricula are a teacher-tested solution, ensuring mastery in all Math Common Core standards. Designed with a focus on efficiency and effectiveness, these NO PREP guided notes provide a structured and adaptable learning path for every student throughout the academic year.

Why Choose Our Guided Notes Approach?

  • Enhanced Focus: using guided notes maximizes students' working memory, allowing them to concentrate on the content rather than on note-taking.
  • Structured Learning: Each resource includes warm-ups, in-depth notes, vocabulary sheets, exit slips, and assessments to thoroughly cover each Common Core topic.
  • Digital and Print Formats: Cater to diverse classroom needs with both printables for interactive notebooks and a fully digital version for each note set.

Top Benefits You'll Love

  • No Prep Required: Everything you need is included, with no extra materials required.
  • Efficient Learning: Students spend less time on note-copying and more on mastering content.
  • Key Concept Highlighting: Notes are designed to emphasize critical concepts for memory retention.

Consistently Thorough

Every Note Set Includes:

  • Guided Notes for interactive notebooks
  • Fully digital notes for classroom flexibility
  • Practice Pages and interactive notebook printables
  • Frayer Models for vocabulary
  • Warm-ups and exit slips
  • Summary Slips
  • Assessment
  • Complete answer keys

Multiple Formats

Adapt to the ever-evolving classroom environment with full page, digital and interactive notebook sized versions . Perfect for remote or in-class learning, these notes offer the ultimate flexibility in teaching, ensuring that every student stays connected and engaged, no matter where they are

Supplemental Activities

  • Warm Up Slips use at the beginning of the lesson to activate prior knowledge or guide students through a new discovery. 
  • Vocabulary Practice - establish foundational concepts at the outset of the lesson or as reinforcement after the notes portion
  • Independent Practice Problems -use these to reinforce understanding and provide a chance for your students to build skills and confidence
  • Exit Slips - can be used to allow students to demonstrate mastery of the subject matter at the close of a lesson and prepare for future topics
  • Summary Slip - bring it all together with reflection
  • Assessments - benchmark your students comprehension and supplement if necessary
  • Cindy B.

    I love this bundle! I have found that using the guided notes to introduce a concept has been incredible for my students. It gives them consistency and practice for the most basic skills. The students know what to expect and are engaged throughout math. Well worth the price.

  • Diana P

    For three years I taught 8th grade and used these for my notes, warm ups and exit tickets. This year I got moved to 7th grade and knew that I needed to get the 7th grade version. I love using this in my classroom.

  • Jill W.

    These are a savior! I love the simplicity of them but they include a ton of information. They are not overwhelming which I love. Such a great purchase! I wish I would have found these sooner!