Interactive and innovative 7th Grade Math resources, ranging from guided notes and engaging worksheets, to dynamic digital activities and beyond, all designed to enrich and simplify your math teaching experience. Available individually or as value bundles.

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Guided Notes

Our guided notes offer a comprehensive and structured approach to teaching all 6th Grade Math Subjects. Available by topic, domain or a full-year bundle.

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Reinforce learning with a variety of full year worksheets designed to improve skills and retention. With a variety of styles and activities, these worksheets will keep students actively engaged with the material. Four different versions offered including digital, reteaching and extra FUN.

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Spiral Homework

Boost retention with homework that is designed to reinforce skills during the entire school year. This spiraled homework introduces new topics, while continuously sampling previously covered material. Editable and perfect for differentiation.

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Error Analysis

Everyone makes mistakes so have your students use it to their advantage. Error Analysis tasks allow your students to find the error in an incorrectly worked out problem.

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Performance Tasks

Real life scenarios for real life rigor. Challenge your students with these performance task worksheets that are curated to be relatable, engaging and exciting.

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Exit Slips

Quickly assess your students comprehension on all math topics. Perfect for bellringers, homework or exit slips.

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Emergency Sub Plans

Whether you’re planning ahead or in a pinch, these no preparation substitute math plans for 7th grade are a must have.

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Back To School

Welcome back your students and set up your year for success. Decor, activities, review and more!

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End of Year Review

Close out the year with your students ready for 8th grade. Activities, test prep, summer packets and more!

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Additional supplemental supports to keep math fun while you support student learning. With every topic covered, you'll find something for whatever lesson you need.

Task Cards & BINGO

20 question sets that come with a variety of recording sheets. Bundles available per domain and full year. Or make it a game for the whole class with BINGO sets.

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Color by Number

Perfect for homework, early finishers or independent practice, these color by number sheets allow your students to use their math skills and express thier creative side.

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& So Much More!

Matching centers, partner activities, mazes and more - DIGITAL & PRINTABLE!

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