Interactive Notebook Must-Have Supplies

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is, “What are your must-have supplies for interactive notebooks?”. Check out my personal favorite supplies to have on hand to successfully implement interactive notebooks.

#1 Composition Notebooks

I love using composition notebooks for interactive math notebooks. They are durable, CHEAP (hello, $0.50 sales in August and September) and the perfect size to either store in the classroom or carry to class! I love that the pages are sewn in, so they don’t easily tear out. I have had students use spiral notebooks before and they have worked out fine! The pages rip out easier, but they still made it through the year.

#2 Liquid Glue and #3 Tap ‘N Glue Tops

I KNOW. When I say liquid glue, you imagine a crazy, messy, free for all! I have tried it all- glue sticks, scotch tape, staples…and let me tell you, liquid glue is the cheapest and best adhesive there is…which leads me to Tap ‘N Glue Tops!

You replace the regular glue bottle caps with the Tap ‘N Glue Caps and the special cap only allows a dot of glue out at a time. These have been a game changer in my classroom! Elmer’s Liquid Glue is inexpensive (especially if you get it during the back to school sales) and lasts a long time. The Tap ‘N Glue caps can be reused year after year. I am on year 5 with mine and I don’t think I am going to have to replace them anytime soon.

#4 Colored Cardstock

It took me a few years to get the organization of interactive notebooks right, but I finally figured it out! I could never keep up with a table of contents (and neither could my students!) so I implemented chapter/unit dividers! Each chapter, students glue in a cardstock divider with each section on it. They can easily flip from section to section when looking for notes as a reference. I found that a quality cardstock holds up throughout the year.

I create my own dividers at the beginning of the year with these editable interactive notebook dividers!

#5 Good Guided Notes

Notetaking is a skill that needs to be learned. I love using guided notes so that students begin to understand what good notes look like. I also love using guided notes because students can focus on the MATH and not writing down every note, drawing and labeling every example, etc.

My middle school math curriculua (for 6th grade, 7th grade and 8th grade) contain complete lessons for each of the Common Core Standards. The notes and practice are formatted to fit into interactive notebooks!

#6 Highlighters, Markers and Pens

I love giving my students the options to use color in their notes to help them organize and remember important information. I always have a class set of highlighters and markersavailable.

Of course, there are expectations set for appropriate use of supplies very early on in the year!

What are your go-to interactive notebook supplies? Anything I forgot? 

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