Middle School Back to School Activities

Middle School Back to School Activities

I have always loved back to school- and now as a teacher, I love it even more! I love setting up my classroom, the fresh start and getting to know all of my new students. Beginning of the year activities are always my favorite. Check out my favorite activities for back to school that go beyond the typical ice breakers!

#1 Math of Me

I love this activity– I have done some version of it almost every single year. Students use numbers to describe what makes them unique. I start the year off by making my own and showing it to my students. They love learning about me and then they are excited to make their own. This product includes a few different versions- including a digital version for Google Drive!

#2 Growth Mindset Banners

I love decorating my classroom, but it is so important for students to have the opportunity to create some of the decor . Every year, on the first day of school, I let each of the students choose a Growth Mindset Coloring Banner page. Throughout the first week, whenever we have a free moment, students work on coloring in their banner and sharing the quotes with the class. When they are done, I cut and laminate them and use them to decorate the classroom and hallway for the entire year!

#3 Middle School Back to School Activities

The first day or two of middle school can be anxiety inducing for everyone. I always feel like the day flies by and I am stressed about making sure that my students have everything that they need. This pack of forms helps make the first few days run smoothly! At the beginning of the year, I meet with my team and we select the forms that our students will need. When they walk into my classroom on the first day, they are all there on their desks for them! It makes the day go so much smoother!

#4 Math Journal

So many of my students enter middle school with a bad attitude toward math! It breaks my heart, but I understand so many have had mad experiences with the subject. One of my goals is to help students see how math relates to their real life. Each student gets a copy of this math journal to use throughout the entire year. There are sections for recording real life experiences with math, triumphs in math class, problems to keep working on and fun math related brain breaks.

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