My Favorite Stem Building Supplies

My Favorite Stem Building Supplies

Last year, in the enrichment math class that I taught, I pulled a bunch of bins of building supplies and manpulatives and just let me students PLAY. I gave them very open ended challenges and just gave them time to build and explore.

I posted a picture on my Instagram the other day, and I got a ton of questions asking where I got specific supplies. I figured I would add all the Amazon links here so that you could access them whenever you needed.



Tangrams are so versatile! They can be used for tangram puzzles and to create patterns.


Similar to tangrams! Again, the puzzles themselves are fun, but they can also be used to create patterns.

Centimeter Cubes

Most elementary teachers already have a bucket of unit cubes. My students LOVE building with these and creating pictures and patterns.

Pattern Blocks

Another elementary school staple that students love to get creative with!



I highly recommend finding time to add an activity like this in your classroom. One of my Instagram followers sent me this awesome blog post from Sara Van Der Werf about having a play table in your secondary math classroom! I think I need to implement this as soon as I am back!

Is there anything else I should add to the list? 

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