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6th Grade Math Interactive Notebook Bundle

6th Grade Math Interactive Notebook Bundle

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This 6th grade math interactive notebook bundle contains 25 different Interactive Notebook Packs aligned to the 6th grade common core standards. This set will have you prepared for the entire school year! 

Please note that this is a bundled set and includes each of the following products:

Mean, Median Mode and Range
Distributive Property
Least Common Multiple
Greatest Common Factor
Prime and Composite Numbers
Solving and Graphing Inequalities
Introduction to Statistics
Stem and Leaf Plot
Measures of Variation
Fraction Operations
Mean Absolute Deviation
Integers and Absolute Value
Solving Algebraic Equations
Rates and Ratios
Box and Whisker Plot
Intro to Algebra
Tape Diagrams
Nets of 3-D Figures
Finding Area of Polygons
Operations with Decimals
Volume of Rectangular Prisms
Intro to Integers
Order of Operations
Surface Area of Prisms and Pyramids
Customary Units of Measure


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