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7th Grade Math Error Analysis Bundle

7th Grade Math Error Analysis Bundle

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7th Grade Math Error Analysis Tasks- One task for each Common Core Standard

*60 different error analysis tasks for each 7th Grade Common Core Standard. 
The Number System
Topics include:
Terminating and Repeating Decimals
Adding Integers with Different Signs
Adding Integers with the Same Sign
Adding Rational Numbers
Multiplying Integers
Dividing Integers
Multiplying Rational Numbers
Dividing Rational Numbers
Subtracting Integers
Subtracting Rational Numbers
Operations with Integers (2 different pages)

Equations and Expressions
Topics include:
Algebraic Expressions
Combining Like Terms
Adding Linear Expressions
Subtracting Linear Expressions
Solving Equations using Addition and Subtraction
Solving Equations using Multiplication and Division
Writing and Graphing Inequalities
Solving Inequalities Using Addition and Subtraction
Solving Inequalities Using Multiplication and Division
Writing and Solving 2-Step Inequalities

Topics include:
Adjacent and Vertical Angles
Complementary and Supplementary Angles
Types of Triangles
Angle Measures of Triangles
Types of Quadrilaterals
Angle Measures of Quadrilaterals
Similar Shapes
Scale Drawings
Circle Vocabulary
Area of Circles
Area of Composite Figures Involving Circles
Surface Area of Prisms
Surface Area of Pyramids
Surface Area of Cylinders
Volume of Prisms
Volume of Pyramids
Volume of Cylinders

Topics include:
Populations and Samples
Estimating Populations
Measures of Central Tendency
Measures of Variation
Outcomes and Events
Intro to Probability
Experimental Probability
Theoretical Probability
Fundamental Counting Principle
Compound Events
Independent and Dependent Events

There is one task per page that includes a problem with incorrect work, space for students to explain in words why the work is incorrect, and space to solve the problem correctly.
*Worked out answer key with correct answers as well as correct sample responses
*Error Analysis cover (just incase you want to print a packet or a mini book)

Please note: These pages can easily be printed 2 per page or in a mini book to fit in an interactive notebook. If you are not sure how to do this, Google it! There are different ways depending on what PDF program and printer you have.

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