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7th Grade Math Performance Tasks Bundle

7th Grade Math Performance Tasks Bundle

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Included in this product:

*48 different 2 page performance tasks that cover the topics in the 7th Grade Math Common Core Standards*

Each task is based on a real-life situation.

*Answer Keys


Topics covered:

Algebra: Adding and Subtracting Linear Expressions, Combining Like Terms. Writing and Evaluating Algebraic Expressions, Percents, Writing and Solving Equations and Inequalities

Number System: Adding and subtracting integers, adding and subtracting rational numbers (decimals and fractions), multiplying and dividing integers, multiplying and dividing rational numbers (fractions and decimals), operations with rational numbers

Geometry: Scale drawings, angles of triangles and quadrilaterals, circumference, area of circles, surface area of cylinders, circumference and area of circles, angle relationships (complementary, supplementary, vertical and adjacent), volume and surface area of cylinders, volume and surface area of rectangular prisms

Statistics and Probability: Random samplings, percents, mean, mean absolute deviation, experimental probability, theoretical probability, fundamental counting principle, compound events

Ratios and Proportions: Ratios and unit rate, unit rate with fractions, unit cost, proportional relationships, writing and solving proportions, Percents (Mark-Ups, discounts, tax, tip), simple interest, percent of increase and decrease, constant of proportionality


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