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8th Grade Math Diagnostic Quizzes

8th Grade Math Diagnostic Quizzes

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8th Grade Math Diagnostic Quizzes
*Perfect for students to track & graph growth* Includes Data Tracker and Self-Reflections

Starting at an early age, it is imperative to include students in the assessment and data tracking process. I have tried many different things with my students in the past and I have struggled to get them to actually see the growth they are making through the year and reflect on how to improve areas of weakness. If you are looking for a straight forward way to have your students take part in the assessment and data tracking process (Hello, Danielson! Having students take part in keeping instructional records!) try out these diagnostic quizzes. I have found that these quick quizzes give students a handle on their learning without taking a long period out of instructional time to test! Students love when it is diagnostic quiz day and they love sharing their growth. Many of my students with learning disabilities, Emerging Bilinguals and struggling learner find success and take pride in their growth that is charted with this product.

Included in this product:
*4 Diagnostic Quizzes that test the following 8th grade math skills: Solving multi-step equations, reflecting points across the x and y axis, finding missing angles when parallel lines are cut by the transversal, graphing equations, writing equations in slope-intercept form, recognizing functions, Pythagorean Theorem, estimating square roots, finding volume of cylinders and evaluating expressions in scientific notation.
Bar Graph Data Tracker Template
4 Diagnostic Self-Reflection Sheets
Answer Keys
Implementation Suggestions

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