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Algebra Foldable

Algebra Foldable

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Algebra Mega Foldables Pack
Perfect for Interactive Notebooks!
Transform your students' understanding of algebra with this comprehensive resource pack. Designed specifically for interactive math notebooks, this pack includes over 10 different foldables that cover a wide range of algebra topics, providing a dynamic and engaging learning experience.
  • Inverse Operations 4 door foldable
  • 2 different Translating Algebraic Expressions 6 door foldable
  • 5 different evaluating expressions 3 door foldables
  • Operations key words pockets (staple one per page)- 5 different
  • Operations key words cards (cut apart and sort. Place in correct pockets)- 24 total
  • Operations key words 4 door foldable
  • Solving Equations Using Addition 4 door foldable
  • Solving Equations Using Subtraction 4 door foldable
  • Solving Equations Using Division 4 door foldable
  • Solving Equations Using Multiplication 4 door foldable
  • Solving 2 step equations 3 door foldable
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