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Comparing Integers Notes

Comparing Integers Notes

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Searching for an effective way to teach your students how to compare integers? These NO PREP guided notes are a classroom proven resource that will save you time and have your students proficient in comparing integers in no time! With a comprehensive design, these notes offer a structured approach that can be differentiated for every level of learner. Guided notes are an effective teaching model that maximize your students ability to use working memory to focus on content, rather than copying down notes.  This resource is structured to include warm ups that build on prerequisite knowledge, in depth notes to fully teach compare integers, vocabulary sheets to build on key concepts, exit slips to ensure understanding and an assessment to benchmark comprehension. This note set also includes notes and practice printables formatted for interactive notebooks.   Covers: 6.NS.C.7 Here is everything that is included: - Guided Notes including a separate printable formatted for Interactive Notebooks - Practice Page including a separate printable formatted for Interactive Notebooks - Frayer Models for Vocabulary Practice - 2 different warm-ups (2 per page) - 2 different exit slips (2 per page) - 1 Assessment to benchmark understanding - Answer keys Here’s what you will love the most -  this note set is NO PREP!  All answer keys are included and no additional materials are needed.  You’ll also find that you’ll have more time to work through the concepts with your students as they will spend less time copying notes and more time mastering the content.  The notes will also call their attention to key concepts that they should commit to memory.  Guided notes are the foundation of my classroom. Here’s why:
  • Guided notes keep all students actively engaged in class. Students follow along and fill in missing words and numbers and answer questions. They allow students to focus on problem solving rather than using their working memory to write down everything they hear the teacher say. 
  • Students create their own reference guide to help them remember and internalize what they learned in class. They can easily refer back to what they learned in previous classes to help them with spiral review, homework, studying for assessments and most importantly building on prior knowledge to learn new concepts. 
  • It helps students organize information and understand what is important. Middle school students are often new to the expectation of notetaking and guided notes are a perfect way to introduce this practice and perfect a lifelong skill. The blanks can be used as cues to help students decipher what is expected of them- they can tell if a longer definition should be recorded or a smaller blank means they should write an important vocabulary word or number. 
  • They relieve the stress that many students feel when expected to accurately copy diagrams, figures and equations off the board. Having them right on their notes page allows them to focus on problem solving and less about accurately copying complex notes off the board. 
  • Guided notes are especially beneficial for students with special education needs and English Language Learners and can easily be adapted to accommodate specific needs.


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