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Exit Slips

Exit Slips

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Exit Slips for All Subjects! Perfect for grades 3-8, these exit slips are an excellent way to assess your students' understanding of any subject. With 20+ creative and engaging exit slips, you can use these informal assessments to gauge your students' comprehension at the end of a lesson, chapter, or unit.

This project includes 20+ different exit slips, each with two slips per page, and five blank exit slips that come with or without lines, also with two slips per page. These slips are versatile and can be used for any subject, making them an indispensable tool in your classroom.

Using exit slips is a powerful way to help your students reflect on and apply what they have learned. It also provides you with an invaluable assessment tool to see where each student is at. At the beginning of the year, print out class sets of each exit slip to keep on hand throughout the year. Your students will get used to the different types of questions and learn to answer them honestly and in a way that will help them improve.

Incorporating exit slips into your classroom routine will make a significant impact on your students' learning and progress. Simply print and use! 

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