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Fractions Foldable

Fractions Foldable

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Mega Fractions Foldables 20 Pack for Interactive Math Notebooks
Transform your students' understanding of fractions with this comprehensive resource pack. Designed specifically for interactive math notebooks, this pack includes 20 foldables that cover a wide range of fraction topics, providing a dynamic and engaging learning experience.
  • Simple Naming Fractions Foldable
  • Equivalent fractions foldable
  • Divisibility Rules Foldable
  • Fractions Vocabulary Foldable
  • My Fraction Mini Book
  • Mixed Number and Improper Fraction Foldable
  • GCF and LCM Foldable
  • Numerator and Denominator Foldable
  • Part and Whole Foldable
  • Adding and Subtracting Fractions Foldable
  • Multiplying Fractions Foldable
  • Dividing Fractions Foldable
  • Least Common Multiples Venn Diagram Foldable
  • Greatest Common Factors Venn Diagram Foldable
  • Operations with Fractions 4 Shutter Foldable
  • Mixed Number and Improper Fractions Identification Foldable
  • One-Half- Draw it! Color It! Plot it ! List it! Foldable
  • One-Third- Draw it! Color It! Plot it ! List it! Foldable
  • One-Fourth- Draw it! Color It! Plot it ! List it! Foldable
  • Blank- Draw it! Color It! Plot it ! List it! Foldable
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