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Geometry Foldable

Geometry Foldable

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Geometry Foldables Pack
Perfect for Interactive Notebooks!
Transform your students' understanding of geometry with this comprehensive resource pack. Designed specifically for interactive math notebooks, this pack includes over 18 different foldables that cover a wide range of geometry topics, providing a dynamic and engaging learning experience.
  • Classifying Polygons and Not Polygons (definition) 2 door foldable
  • 2 different 3 door foldables: classifying polygons + justifying reasoning
  • Venn Diagram Foldable: Polygons v. 3D Figures
  • Venn Diagram Foldable: Prisms vs. Pyramids
  • Area of Rectangles and Volume of Rectangular Prism 2 Door Foldable
  • Area of Circle and Volume of Cylinder 2 Door Foldable
  • Area of triangle and Volume of Triangular Prism 2 Door Foldable
  • Complementary and Supplementary Angles 2 Door Foldable
  • Parallel and Perpendicular 2 Door Foldable
  • Identifying Basic Polygons 6 Door Foldables (1 with shapes, 1 with names)
  • Identifying Triangles 6 Door Foldables (1 with shapes, 1 with names)
  • Identifying Special Quadrilaterals 6 Door Foldables (1 with shapes, 1 with names)
  • Geometry Vocabulary 5 Door Foldable
  • Identify the Compliment 6 door foldable
  • Identify the Supplement 6 door foldable
  • Types of Angles 4 Door Foldable
  • Find the Missing Angle (Triangles) 3 Door Foldable
  • All of The Angles Add Up To...2 Door Foldable (Triangles and Rectangles)
  • Transformations Foldable (with and without dilations)
Included: 5 pages of photographs of examples
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All rights reserved by the author.
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