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Geometry Vocabulary Dictionary

Geometry Vocabulary Dictionary

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If you're a math teacher looking for a way to help your students master geometry vocabulary, this Personal Geometry Dictionary may be just what you need! 

One of the biggest hurdles students face when learning geometry is understanding the specialized vocabulary. A Personal Geometry Dictionary can provide students with a handy reference tool that will help them overcome this challenge.

Containing 38 different key words and phrases, this dictionary includes clear definitions and pictures to help students make sense of each concept. Plus, it's designed for use in interactive math notebooks, making it a great way to encourage students to take ownership of their learning and stay engaged with the material. 

Assembly directions and pictures of the complete product are included to make setup a breeze, and implementation tips are provided to help you make the most of this powerful teaching tool. 

Included in this product:
Personal Geometry Dictionary with definition and picture (38 different key words and phrases)
Pictures of complete product and assembly directions
Implementation Tips


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