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Identifying Fractions Center

Identifying Fractions Center

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Identifying Fractions Tri-Matching Center, CCS 3.NF.A.1

This comprehensive resource includes everything you need to engage your students in mastering fraction identification skills:

  • 10 sets of Tri-Match Fraction Cards, available in both black and white and full-color versions. These cards are thoughtfully designed to provide visual representations of fractions, allowing students to develop a strong understanding of fraction concepts.
  • A handy Recording Worksheet is included, enabling students to record their answers as they successfully match up the fraction pictures with their corresponding numerical fractions. 

Easy to prepare and implement, simply print the 10 sets of cards (30 cards in total) on durable cardstock and laminate them for repeated use. Your students will enjoy the interactive nature of this Tri-Matching Center, making it an ideal addition to your math workshop and centers.

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