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Interactive Math Notebook Set Up

Interactive Math Notebook Set Up

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Interactive Math Notebook Set-Up and Supplies Printables

Are you looking to start interactive math notebooks with your students? This pack of printables has everything you need to get your students started for the year and excited about learning math!

Included in this project:
Math of Me Page (students create a page that uses numbers to describe what makes them unique)
Table of contents sets (Title and Page #- 15 and 20 per page, Date, title and page #- 15 and 20 per page, Page #, Left Side Output, Right Side Input, Page #- 15 and 20 per page, Page #, Left Side, Right Side, Page #- 15 and 20 per page)
Work in Progress Pocket
Chapter Pockets (for students to attach at the beginning of each chapter or unit to hold extras) with 3 different designs.
Chapter Cover Pages (for students to attach to notebook page, add chapter number and decorate)- 3 different designs.
Notebook Cover Page for students to personalize (2 different designs)
Frayer Models for new vocabulary words (2 per page, 2 versions)
Math Tool Kit Pocket
Math tools: Blank coordinate planes, 3-D base 10 blocks, number lines (negative and positive), pattern blocks (full color)
Whole Part Part Models (2 per page)
Blank Number Bonds (4 per page)
Interactive Math Notebook Intro Page (Blank T-Chart “My Interactive Math Notebook is…” and “My Interactive Math Notebook is NOT…”)
Interactive Math Notebook Rules page for students to customize with specific classroom rules.
Operations Vocabulary Reference Sheet
Includes 15 photographs of completed sample pages


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