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Math Review Activity

Math Review Activity

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End of the Year Middle School Math Review Activity


Students will love this fun end of the year math activity! They choose a cone and each scoop of ice cream has a different middle school math review problem. As students practice, they add scoops to their cone and try to create the largest ice cream cone. Answer key for each problem is included.


Topics covered:

  • Decimal Operations (positive numbers)
  • Fraction Operations (positive numbers)
  • Decimal Operations (positive and negative numbers)
  • Fraction Operations (positive and negative numbers)
  • Adding Integers
  • Subtracting Integers
  • Multiplying Integers
  • Dividing Integers
  • Circumference and Area
  • Surface Area of rectangular Prisms
  • Percents
  • Percents, Fractions and Decimals
  • Finding Slope
  • Finding Distance
  • Complementary and Supplementary Angles
  • Missing Angles (vertical and adjacent(
  • Solving One-Step Equations (positive numbers)
  • Solving One-Step Equations (positive and negative numbers
  • Solving Equations (positive numbers)
  • Solving Equations (positive and negative numbers
  • Solving Inequalities (positive numbers)
  • Solving Inequalities (positive and negative numbers
  • Scientific Notation
  • Pythagorean Theorem
  • Combining Like Terms (positive numbers)
  • Combining Like Terms (positive and negative numbers)
  • Distributive Property (positive numbers)
  • Distributive Property (positive and negative numbers)
  • Exponents
  • Exponent Operations
  • Square and Cube Roots
  • Mean and Median
  • Mode and Range
  • Reflective Writing Prompts

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