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Middle School Back to School

Middle School Back to School

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Middle School Survival Kit- Everything you need to welcome your students to middle school!
All middle school teachers know that our students show up the first day nervous, excited and full of questions. This packet includes 27 different handouts and activities I have used in my classroom the first few days of school to help my students transition to middle school. Included in this product:
Included in this product:
Welcome to Middle School Emoji Cover
I’ve Got a Question Brainstorm Sheet
I’ve Got a Question Checklist
Q&A Recording Chart
Important Information Worksheet (1/2 page)
First Day Assignment Sheet (2 different versions- landscape and portrait)
First Day Reflection 4-Door Foldable
Hello my name is...intro page
First Day Emoji Inventory
First Day Reflection
Venn Diagram Foldable (Middle School v. Elementary School)
Venn Diagram Foldable (Compare/Contrast 2 students in class)
All About Me 8 door foldable
Student Information File with Parent Contact Log for the back
Welcome to Middle School “All About Me’ Web
Class Buddies Recording Worksheet (2 versions- 1 with subjects, 1 without subjects)
“What Do I Need For…” Core Subjects posters (have students fill out and put in agenda or locker)
iSurvive Middle school Tablet Activity (students design apps for middle school survival)
Classmate Bingo
Blank Schedule (7, 8 and 9 periods)
Dear Teacher Get to know Me Letter Writing Activity


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