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Pencil Sign Out Posters

Pencil Sign Out Posters

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Pencil Sign Out Posters

A special thanks to Lone Star Classroom for this genius idea!

I have tried every pencil “solution” out there and I think that I finally found one that works.

I have my pencil sign and 5-10 pencils clipped to the board with bulldog clips.

Each period, students can sign out pencils. At the end of the period they must return them and erase their names. I have one student per class who is the ”pencil reminder” and they make sure that they all get put back.

It’s a super simple system and it works so well. Do I always get every single one of my pencils back? No! But I am only losing one or two a week. In years past, I would hand out 5-10 a period and rarely get even half of them back.

Included in this freebie: 5 different versions of the sign for your board!

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