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Percents, Fractions and Decimals Notes

Percents, Fractions and Decimals Notes

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Searching for an effective way to teach your students percents, fractions and decimals? These NO PREP guided notes are a classroom proven resource that will save you time and have your students proficient in percents, fractions and decimals and constant of proportionality in no time! With a comprehensive design, these notes offer a structured approach that can be differentiated for every level of learner.


Guided notes are an effective teaching model that maximize your students ability to use working memory to focus on content, rather than copying down notes.  This resource is structured to include warm ups that build on prerequisite knowledge, in depth notes to fully teach percents, fractions and decimals, vocabulary sheets to build on key concepts, exit slips to ensure understanding and an assessment to benchmark comprehension. This note set also includes notes and practice printables formatted for interactive notebooks.  


Covers: 7.RP.A.3


Here is everything that is included:

- Guided Notes including a separate printable formatted for Interactive Notebooks

- Practice Page including a separate printable formatted for Interactive Notebooks

- Frayer Models for Vocabulary Practice

- 2 different warm-ups (2 per page)

- 2 different exit slips (2 per page)

- 1 Assessment to benchmark understanding

- Answer keys


Here’s what you will love the most -  this note set is NO PREP!  All answer keys are included and no additional materials are needed.  You’ll also find that you’ll have more time to work through the concepts with your students as they will spend less time copying notes and more time mastering the content.  The notes will also call their attention to key concepts that they should commit to memory. 


Here are some guidelines for how to use this set: 

  • This resource can be successfully implemented using binders, folders or notebooks
  • Warm Up Slips can be used at the beginning of the lesson to activate prior knowledge or you can use them to guide students through a new discovery. 
  • Vocabulary Practice - use these to establish foundation concepts at the outset of the lesson or as reinforcement after the notes portion
  • Guided Notes - these sets are a comprehensive presentation of the subject matter, and progressively build from basic concepts to complete mastery.  Students will follow along through a structured framework and retain the notes for reference and review.  
  • Independent Practice Problems -use these to reinforce understanding and provide a chance for your students to build skills and confidence
  • Exit Slips - can be used to allow students to demonstrate mastery of the subject matter at the close of a lesson and prepare for future topics
  • Assessment - use this to benchmark your students comprehension and supplement if necessary


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