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Prime Factorization Bingo

Prime Factorization Bingo

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Prime Factorization Bingo Game and Task Cards

This resource is a Prime Factorization Bingo Game and Task Cards that are Common Core aligned with standards 6.NS.B.4 and 6.EE.A.1. This product features 30 unique bingo cards, each containing a different arrangement of prime factorization problems, making it ideal for use with larger groups. 

Alongside these bingo cards are 25 calling cards that are numbered and can be used as task cards for independent or small group work.

This resource also includes a reproducible work space to help students keep track of their answers, and two different task cards recording sheets, giving you the flexibility to choose the one that best suits your classroom needs.

To make sure that students are correctly solving the prime factorization problems, an answer key is included. By using this game and task card set, students will be able to effectively practice their prime factorization skills while having fun and engaging in a dynamic and interactive learning experience.

Included in this product:

  • 30 Unique bingo cards
  • 25 calling cards (numbered to be used as task cards for independent or small group work)
  • Reproducible work space
  • 2 different task cards recording sheet
  • Answer key
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