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Scientific Notation Notes

Scientific Notation Notes

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Scientific Notation Guided notes and Task Cards, specifically designed to meet the Common Core Standard 8.EE.A.4! These notes are perfect for Interactive Math Notebooks, making learning an interactive and fun experience for your students.

This product includes a range of features, including an Introduction to Scientific Notation Notes, a practice section to reinforce learning, as well as notes on Scientific Notation to Standard Form, and practice exercises on this topic. Students will also learn how to Add and Subtract Numbers in Scientific Notation, and master Products and Quotients in Scientific Notation.

In addition, we have included 20 Scientific Notation Task Cards to help students apply what they have learned in real-world situations with four different record sheets.

Answer Keys for all pages are included, making this product a valuable resource for teachers looking to reinforce student learning.

Included in this product:
*Introduction to Scientific Notation Notes
*Introduction to Scientific Notation Practice
*Scientific Notation to Standard Form Notes
*Scientific Notation to Standard Form Practice
*Adding and Subtracting Numbers in Scientific Notation Notes
*Products and Quotients in Scientific Notation Notes
*20 Scientific Notation Task Cards
*4 different Recording Sheet
*Science Connection Worksheet
*Answer Keys for all pages

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