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Solving Proportions Center

Solving Proportions Center

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Solving Proportions Math Center

Covers: 7.RP.A.2

This product includes the following components:

  • 10 different proportion cards, with 2 cards per page. These cards present a variety of proportion problems to engage students in solving proportions effectively.
  • 12 Number Tokens are provided, adding an interactive element to the center. Students will match the number tokens with the missing pieces of the proportion, reinforcing their understanding of proportionality.
  • Recording Sheets are included, allowing students to document their solutions and track their progress. Each student playing the game will receive their own copy of the recording sheet.

Please note that this product offers both full color and black and white versions of the center game, ensuring flexibility and accommodating different printing preferences.

To set up the game, simply print the materials on sturdy cardstock, laminate them for durability, and cut out each piece. Make copies of the recording sheet for each student. Students can then work in pairs or small groups, collaborating to solve the proportions and match the number tokens to complete the missing pieces. An alternative option is to place all number tokens upside down and have students take turns choosing at random, finding the correct proportion.

Engage your students with this interactive math center, promoting critical thinking, proportional reasoning, and collaborative problem-solving skills.


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