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Square Roots Notes

Square Roots Notes

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Square Roots Guided Notes and Activities for Interactive Notebooks! Are you looking for an engaging and interactive way to teach your students about square roots? Look no further! Our product is specifically designed to meet the needs of educators teaching Common Core Standard 8.EE.A2.

This comprehensive resource includes a wide variety of activities to help your students develop a deep understanding of square roots. From drawing perfect squares to estimating square roots, our guided notes provide a clear and concise framework for learning.

In addition to the guided notes, we've included a range of interactive activities to keep your students engaged and excited about learning. With cut-and-paste activities, matching cards, foldables, and coloring pages, your students will be able to apply what they've learned in a fun and creative way.

Our product also includes a four-page ordering radicals cut-and-paste activity that will challenge your students to apply their knowledge of square roots in a real-world context.

With Super Square Roots Guided Notes and Activities for Interactive Notebooks, your students will gain a deep understanding of square roots that will serve them well in their future math studies. So why wait? Order now and start teaching with confidence today!

Included in this product:
*Square Roots Introduction Activity (drawing perfect squares)
*Finding Square Roots of Perfect Squares Guided Notes
*Estimating Square Roots Guided Notes
*Parts of a Radical Cut-and-Paste
*Perfect Squares Matching Cards
*Perfect Squares Foldables (4 per page, 2 pages)
*Perfect Squares Coloring Pages
*Ordering Radicals Cut-and-Paste Activity (4 pages)
*Answer keys included


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